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Studio Fifield was founded in 2010 by Bruce Fifield. Before founding Studio Fifield, Bruce was a consultant to Olivetti Spa, where he designed and developed numerous award-winning products for the office environment. Fifield then co-founded Design Continuum Italia, acting as Managing & Creative Director, where he provided strategic leadership and the overall creative direction for its global research, brand and new product development programs.
With over 30 years of experience in global product-based research focused on user insight and understanding, Bruce believes that what makes the difference is the creation and delivery of ideal user experiences. He has been recognized for his achievements in design with international awards that include Green Good Design Award, Good Design Award, IDSA, iF, Red Dot, Medical Design Excellence Award and the Compasso d’Oro.
Fifield teaches at the IUAV University of Venice, University of the Republic of San Marino and frequently holds lectures at the Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi and Milan Polytechnic Universities on the strategic link between good business and great design. He holds a BA in Industrial Design from the Rhode Island School of Design and has taken marketing and management courses at Boston University and the Harvard Business School.

User Centric Innovation

Consumers face each day a market with endless choice and they make their purchasing decisions based on a complex matrix of factors, price being only one of them. Understanding and leveraging insight in the inner workings of this matrix is the basis to success with today’s consumer.
Studio Fifield emphasizes a user centric approach to design because, at the heart of every enterprise is a company’s brand, and at the core of every brand is a multitude of user experiences and at the center of a great experience is personal gratification.
Creating a successful and rewarding user experience requires an intimate knowledge of the person or people involved. Studio Fifield helps its client understand how people, their habits and habitats affect their decision-making processes as they look for, choose and use the products that surround them. This in-depth understanding helps the collaboration to create successful product innovations and effectively manage together the development process to ensure better returns on the client’s investment.

5-Phases of Creat-vity™

Studio Fifield supports business leaders with its approach to CREAT-vity to understand the challenge, recognize innovation opportunities and identify breakthrough ideas which can be transformed into commercially successful business.



Collect & Order

Understand organizational, market & commercial challenges.

Frame the business objective and barriers to overcome.

Identify key stakeholders and engage them in the process.



Understand obvious

Identify how context influences use.

Understand core values in users thought process.

Conduct Primary and Secondary source field research.

Develop a deep understanding concerning channel to market, context and users.

Frame up core user values and desired product attributes.



Change perspective

Apply Design Thinking and check ideas against outlined criteria for success.

Apply different perspectives to understand the research findings.

Identify patterns in the findings.

Define what success looks like.



Develop & Refine

Validate identified areas of opportunity.

Refine the idea based on additional learnings.

Make the idea real to consumers and learn what works.

Refine the idea based on our understanding of user input.

Document the direction.



Promote the idea

Help support and promote the envisioned solution.

Make the idea real to key stakeholders within the client organization.

Negotiate adjustments as the proposed design direction moves through phases of development within the organization.


Many projects design by the studio have been recognised with international awards, highlighting the thorough research behind every product.