Allsteel – Evo

Minimal design, maximum comfort.

The Evo collection of office, stools and meeting room chairs are designed to offer maximum comfort without the need for adjustment. The versatile style is well suited to a wide range of individual and shared professional workplaces. With a linear and minimalist aesthetic the Evo design aspires to the formal principles and rigour of the architectural spaces with which it integrates.

The Golden Ratio, canon of recognized universal beauty and font of inspiration for mathematicians, artists and architects is at the origin of the sense of proportion and visual harmony to which human perception is instinctively attracted. The development of Evo’s design derives its inspiration from this geometrical relationship and is characterized by the harmonious formal balance it represents.

The Weight-Activated Control mechanism – a self-balancing system specifically designed for Evo – automatically adapts the recline tension of the backrest to each individual without the need for manual adjustments.

The specially sculpted and formulated foam of the seat has been shown to reduce pressure points in scientific tests mapping weight distribution. The open design of the arms creates lateral freedom, facilitating movement and interaction in multiple directions. Easy to see, easy to reach and easy to understand, the controls at the side of the seat have been designed to allow finger-tip effort free ergonomic adjustments.

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