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CoFeMo – S-WAY Plus

Self-balancing control mechanisms

Personalized movement found in high-end workplace seating has been limited to chairs where the spring tension must be set manually, or in the presence of a self-balancing control mechanism which raises the seat with the force applied to the back during recline.

The S-WAY line of controls is based on a new mechanism which has been optimized to reside in a compact aluminium die cast housing. It was conceived to work specifically with single piece plastic or plywood shells where the fixed relationship between the seat and back does not allow for a traditional self-balancing solution.

S-WAY Plus, a breakthrough advancement in self-balancing control mechanisms, has been designed to sense the user’s weight (50 kg to 120 kg) and automatically pre-set the appropriate support. The result is immediate and uncompromised comfort for the user during both rearward recline and forward tilt. This innovative characteristic makes S-Way Plus the ideal solution for the broadest range of domestic and workplace applications such as lounge, multi-purpose and informal or formal conference room seating.

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