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Hamilton Medical – HAMILTON-H900

Advanced interface an intelligent choice for patient humidification

The intuitive user friendly and ergonomic design of the Hamilton Medical HAMILTON-H900 GUI allows for all settings and the actual status of patients humidification to be visible to caregivers at glance without the need to search through sub menus. The HAMILTON-H900 humidifier allows for easy adjustment of temperature and humidity settings (temperature gradient) so as to perfectly adapt the humidification therapy to the individual patient and environmental conditions of the ICU. A large LCD display, bright alarm lamp and display of self-explanatory on-screen icons (supported by audible alerts) will prompt caregiver interaction when events are critical.

The HAMILTON-H900 has the unique option to allow remote connectivity of the humidifier via a corresponding control window within the Graphic User Interface of compatible ventilators. All control settings, monitoring parameters, and alarms are available and can be controlled from the GUI of the ventilator and the HAMILTON-H900 humidifier can automatically switch the selected the humidification mode (invasive vs. non-invasive) based on the selected ventilation mode.
Full integration of humidifier monitoring into patient data management systems is also provided.

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