• BB²

Swisstom – BB² Sensor Belt

Medical design – bedside monitoring of lung function dynamics

The Swisstom BB² system is based on the principles of electrical impedance tomography (EIT) where weak alternating currents are applied at the body surface, via a series of impulse emitting electrodes, and travel through the thorax along paths of least resistance thereby creating quantifiable electric potentials. These potentials are being measured continuously, by the same series of impulse emitting electrodes contained within the BB² belt, and constantly converted into real time tomographic data and images. The design of the resulting images intuitively present clinically relevant information in variations of lung function for timely and effective decision making.

The design of swisstom’s disposable single-patient-use SensorBelt respects the essential needs of patients and caregivers alike. The oblique design allows the SensorBelt to follow the movement of the ribs and thus does not restrict breathing as this would be highly undesirable in patients already suffering from respiratory insufficiency. The design combines innovative 3D structural knit materials with conductive silver filaments, unique ContactAgent and highly breathable support fabric to collectively ensure multi-day skin-friendliness and optimum wearing comfort. The design of the skin friendly SensorBelt and vest has been developed with input from nursing specialists for intuitive handling & application as well as ongoing nursing care during daily hospital routines. The design of the SensorBelt vest allows it to be easily applied to a lying passive patient by a lone caregiver in less than a minute.

The ergonomic design of the compact SensorBeltConnector with it’s one step “plug & play” connectivity to the BB² vest and cutting-edge electronics has just a single cable running from the patient to the monitor which eliminates the potential source of many handling errors or accidents.

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