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Zumtobel – OLED Lights

New luminaires for new technology

In 2010, Zumtobel unveiled a range of luminaires based on OLED technology. Organic LEDs represent the next generation of light source technology. They combine excellent colour rendition and superior energy efficiency in a remarkably slim profile that emits uniform light across the entirety of its surface area.

These innovative characteristics offered the project team a remarkable opportunity to create and propose a variety of product archetypes. All were based on a unifying homogenous low-profile aesthetic appropriate for applications in both commercial and domestic environments. The result was a collection of low-profile luminaires that leveraged the potential of this innovative technology when combined with today’s proven mid-volume production techniques.

The Zumtobel OLED range shows what can be achieved when designers are given the freedom to create products that combine cutting-edge performance and minimal aesthetics in a way that addresses consumers’ needs for both form and function.

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