BioFit – FBT™ Series

Fresh Approach to the needs in Educational Environments

The FBT series is the contemporary go-to solution for cafeterias, student study areas, and multipurpose “in-between spaces” within educational environments.

The FBT series of “fold & roll” booths represents a highly innovative transformative solution specifically created to meet the challenges facing educators to rapidly transform spaces while enhancing student interaction in multiple settings and applications.

The FBT Series of fold & roll booths are easy to deploy, fold, roll and store, making floor plan changes nearly instantaneous. Whether emphasizing a teachable moment during a distance learning session or offering a unique lunch experience, FBT fold & roll booths make it easy to re-purpose space throughout the day.

FBT Series of folding booths are entirely mobile and characterized by their robust product architecture, inspirational refined aesthetic, and advanced highly refined easy lift and compact “fold, roll & store” performance.

The FBT Series of Fold & Roll Booths was recognised with a second-place industry innovation award at EDspaces 2023 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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